We believe the key to successfully building and maintaining software is simplicity. Controlling complexity is our number one goal and the standard by which we judge all tech decisions. We prefer pragmatic to elegant.


We primarily use Golang for backend processes: APIs, CLIs, and ETL processes. We will also dip into NodeJS and Python as needed. However, we prefer to use Go because of its simplicity. We have found that even engineers who have never used the language before can read and understand most Go programs.

We build teams around Go because:

Go is… We care because…
Easily read & understood Software is written once but read many times
Quick to learn and become productive in We can quickly onboard new team members
Syntatically straightforward Leads to codebase consistency / maintainability
Performant by default Low cost of operation
Compiles to a static binary It is easy to deploy


Out of the plethora of javascript frameworks to choose from, our team gravitates towards VueJS for adding interactive functionality to general websites. Vue is a simple framework with excellent browser compatibility (back to IE 9). It has a large following, and is not going away anytime soon.

When it comes to web apps, Polymer is our library of choice. It is one of Google’s top frontend dependencies across all of their web applications, making it a good long term bet. Polymer makes working with Web Components simple. In Google’s words, the idea is to “build big complex things out of smaller less complex things [web components].”

We choose the Polymer library over most javascript frameworks because it brings:

  • Less abstraction
  • Shallower learning curves
  • Better reusability
  • Better interoperability